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Gupta Hospital was established by director & founder Dr. Ashwani Gupta in 1986 in heart of the Manchester city of Punjab - Ludhiana. This centre offers the best multispeciality services - Medicine, Skin & Psychiatry.

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If you have been diagnosed with or suspect a mental illness or skin or other venereal disorder,
we are available to treat you and help you recover fast from the disease in Ludhiana.
B.A.M.S. (GOLD MEDALIST) General Physician

Dr. Ashwani Gupta

Dr. Ashwani Gupta is the founder & director of Gupta Hospital. He has 37 years of experience as General Physician.

MBBS, MD Psychiatry

Dr. Abhishek Gupta

Dr. Abhishek Gupta is a well qualified, highly skilled, young and dynamic psychiatrist with expertise in areas of general psychiatry

MBBS, MD Skin & VD

Dr. Devanshi Gupta

Dr. Devanshi Gupta is a focused dermatologist with experience diagnosing and treating a variety of nail, hair

Mental illnesses such as anxiety, depression, and bipolar disorder cause real pain and suffering.

Many people suffer for months or years because these illnesses remain undiagnosed or improperly diagnosed and treated.

Psychiatry as a field continues to make significant scientific and clinical advances. Over the past several decades and especially in recent years, psychiatry has become a much stronger medical discipline due to the introduction of improved diagnostic tools and treatment methods. These scientific advances and clinical breakthroughs should provide real excitement and hope to patients and their families, as mental health professionals now have many more options to relieve emotional pain and suffering.

However, with the explosion in neuro-scientific knowledge and treatment methods (such as medications and talk therapy), psychiatry has become incredibly complex and confusing. Patients and family members need a highly trained psychiatrist to help them find the right diagnosis, identify all the relevant treatment options, and navigate a complicated mental health care system in order to get the best care possible. I have devoted my professional life to being just this kind of psychiatrist.

From so many patients and family members who are frightened and confused about mental illness, I often hear the question "Where do I start?". The psychiatrist, trained as a medical doctor and specializing in mental health issues, has the knowledge and experience required for the difficult task of diagnosing mental illness, recommending treatment options (including medications), and coordinating a team of professionals to assist in diagnosis and treatment.

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One of the best in the field, I've had the opportunity to see him work and I can say with confidence that patients in his care feel better right from first consultation. He is caring, compassionate and sensitive to the nature of psychiatric ailments. If you're consulting him, rest assured that you're going to be alright!

Dr. Abhishek is one of the finest psychiatrist i have known to! He is a master of his subject. He is very polite, humble and listens to it's patients with patience...which is very important. I highly recommend him for psychiatric consultations.

She is the best dermatologist in ludhiana. Highly skilled doctor especially in advanced technologies. Very polite. Highly recommended.

Dr Abhishek Gupta is one of the best psychiatrist I know. He is very patient, understanding and polite towards his patients. Such a good listener, with very good counseling skills.

Dr. Devanshi is very knowledgeable, good listener, soft spoken. Explains condition well and gives best treatment. I highly recommend her for skin related concern.

She is an excellent doctor with great knowledge towards her subject. She is great with procedures too. I would recommend her any day!

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